Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Steady Companion

There is an article in the Times from yesterday extolling the information to be found in each relentless weekly edition of the Economist. I have recently been enjoying the jump that having access to the new edition via the Ipad provides, but have now, after a couple of months, fallen back on the hedonic treadmill, struggling mightily each week to keep up.

Nevertheless, I do try to completely read each edition, and although I may skip the occasional Asia or Latin America piece, I’m pretty consistent. Here’s my preferred reading order:

·         This week
·         Leaders
·         Jobs
·         Obituary
·         Books
·         Science
·         US
·         Business
·         Finance
·         Middle East and Africa
·         Americas
·         Asia
·         China
·         Europe
·         Britain

If there’s a special report I like, such as this week’s on the coming changes to industry, I’ll read it after Finance. If it doesn’t grab me, I’ll save it for the end.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to write something similar to the Times piece. If I like it, or there is a positive response, I’ll try the same again next Wednesday.

Economist Highlights

Palace intrigue in the Egyptian presidential elections. 10 of 23 candidates barred on technical grounds.

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  1. Shocked, shocked about the housework research.