Monday, April 9, 2012

Life in Metaphorica

Johnson catches Rush Limbaugh in one of my favourite rhetorical miscues:

Now, look, folks, as I’ve told you countless times, I live in Literalville.    
If you tell me something, I take it literally. I believe that you mean it. I don’t dance around edges trying to figure out what you really meant. If you say it, I believe it. I live in Literalville ...
And, you know, when you live in Literalville, life is a lot simpler. It appears to be complex to people that don’t live in Literalville. But I live in Literalville, it’s very simple. You have to be able to accept things.
Why do I care about the facts?  I know, it’s a failing of mine.  It’s a failing of mine.  See, I live in Realville.  I’m the mayor of Realville, or Literalville. 

Apparently, there is no such place.

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