Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Younger This Year

Younger Next Year was a Worldwide Christmas gift last year, and a quick read. There wasn't much in the book that was new to me, but one of the recommendations--in conjunction with my current situation--got me to thinking.

Belgrade is a popular destination for medical tourism. A combination of low costs, good English and educated professionals make it an attractive destination for those seeking certain procedures.

Like laser-assisted, teeth whitening, which was something the book recommended, and something I'd never done. Ever. And when I saw myself on TV recently, and thought about all that coffee and red wine over the years, I decided to look into it.

One of my colleagues recommended her dentist, and I met with her last month. She explained the procedure and confirmed that I would be a good candidate. She would apply a gel to my teeth and blast it with a laser. It would take about an hour and cost about $400.

Why not? I'm always seeking new experiences, and this one seemed more productive than getting bit by a poisonous snake. So yesterday, I went over to the dentist's office for my scheduled appointment. She wedged a sort of reverse mouthguard into me and painted my teeth with some sort of gel. Then they stuck a light in front of my face, put some amber glasses on me and turned it on for 15 minutes. This procedure was repeated three more times, and I was done.

I'm quite pleased with the results. I'm not sure that the picture shows them properly, or if I'd do it again. But I definitely look better. I feel a little weird--like a bit of a fraud when I smile, and is it obvious that I've had some, er, "work done." But it's another entry into my book of experience.

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