Wednesday, March 26, 2014

California Girls

As Worldwide and the Gs get ready for Spring Break in California, my thoughts turn to the Golden State. Since I can't be there, I figured a mixtape was the next best thing. But the state is large; it contains multitudes, ranging from Burt Bacharach, to hair bands, gangstas and those laid-back cats from the 70s.

No Beach Boys though. That's too cliche. Put the top down

California Girls
America: Ventura Highway
Dionne Warwick: Do You Know the Way to San Jose
Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg: California Gurls
Jurassic 5: World of Entertainment
Randy Newman: I Love L.A.
Guns and Roses: Welcome to the Jungle
Ry Cooder: Down in Hollywood
Jill Sobule: San Francisco
Lloyd Cole: Late Night Early Town
LL Cool J: Goin' Back to Cali
NWA: Straight Outta Compton
Ronnie Hudson and the Street People: West Coast Pop Lock
Weezer: Beverly Hills
Joe Walsh: Life's Been Good
Grateful Dead: Ripple

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