Thursday, November 21, 2013


Vracar is the name of my neighborhood in the WC. I haven't thought much about it, except that I like it--the environs, that is. That's why, although I'm thinking about moving into a new apartment--that's right, it looks like my time here might be extended a little--I want to stay here. The office is close; I can walk downtown, and the green market is just around the corner.

Yesterday, our efficient, overqualified receptionist sent me some listings to check out. When I ran them through Google translate (which I have found incredibly useful BTW, but that's another story), I noticed that the location was listed as "Sorcerer."

I asked about that, and was informed that it was more or less accurate, although one of my more erudite colleagues suggested that "medicine man" was more accurate. Here is Wikipedia:
Name Vračar (derived from Serbian word vrač meaning the 'medicine man', 'healer') was mentioned for the first time in 1495 in Turkish documents. In 1560 it is mentioned as the Christian village outside the fortress of Kalemegdan with 17 houses. It is believed this village is the place where in 1595 the Turkish grand vizier Sinan Pasha burned at the stake the remains of Saint Sava, a major Serbian saint, to pacify and punish a rebellious population.
Where else would a Wizards fan live?

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