Friday, April 19, 2013

One Sentence Review of the Wizards Season

When healthy, the Wizards looked like they might compete for a playoff spot.

That's not very exciting, but it's better than things have been for a long time. The team has a decent mix of youth and veterans, and the key, I think, going forward, is to make sure that all players are properly valued. In the era of the salary cap, some teams are always going to overpay for certain players, and in those cases you have to let them walk. No-one is arguing, for instance, whether James Harden is a good player; the question is whether he is a franchise player. Oklahoma City didn't think so; Houston did. Time will tell. The Wizards now face the same question with John Wall, and I think the answer is yes, and also, that the downside risk of not paying him is too great for them to do anything otherwise.

That being the case, they need to build a team of 3 point shooters and rebounders around him. Here is my one sentence assessment of current personnel:

John Wall
Flashy point guard played much smarter this year after missing half the season and showed hints of the jumper that would make him a perennial all star.

Bradley Beal
19 year old with a solid game and a sweet stroke could be the perfect complement to Wall in the backcourt if he works hard and stays healthy.

A good defender and decent, though overly ambitious passer who is not worth as much as Denver thought he was, and is often injured and getting older.

Emeka Okafor
Solid defender and rebounder is a doubtless asset to the team, but a slightly expensive one.

Martell Webster
A great shooting year for an undervalued veteran and nice guy, who someone is going to overpay next season.

Trevor Ariza
Good defensive player and decent spot up shooter who is not worth $10 million.

Trevor Booker
Hustle guy off the bench deserves a roster spot and 15 minutes a game, if he can stay healthy.

Jason Collins
Didn't see him enough to form an opinion, but he seems like one of those interchangeable veteran big men willing to do what it takes to stay in the league.

Cartier Martin
See Jason Collins, above and substitute "3 point shooters" for "big men."

A.J. Price
Capable backup point guard who shoots too much.

Kevin Seraphin
I projected a breakout season for the big man with the smooth post game, but he doesn't seem to know how to rebound, pass or defend and actually regressed this year.

Chris Singleton
Positional misfit showed no improvement on a disappointing rookie season.

Garrett Temple 
Solid backup deserves a chance to stay in the league.

Jan Vesely
Nice guy with a good story plays smart, but looks like a candidate for one of the worst lottery picks of all time.

If Beal fulfills the promise he showed when he played with Wall and the Wizards draft well, they might get past the first round of the playoffs before the BG finishes middle school. Sigh.

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